Newly built/renovated schools, kindergartens and health offices



Trained educational and health mediators



Children aged 3-10 in new groups and after-school programmes in Bulgarian language



Individual information health consultations and meetings (health mediation)



Medical exams carried out by GPs/paediatricians/gynaecologist and screenings



Parents involved in consultations and motivation meetings (education mediation)

Latest results


Refurbishment of “Alen Mak” Kindergarten in village Zvezdets


Since September 2016, 25 children visit the fully refurbished full-day kindergarten “Alen Mak” in village Zvezdets. The facility is a one-storey building with partial ground-level space, of total area 327 sq.m.

The building was heat-proofed, the roof was replaced and a new air- and water heating system was installed. Playgrounds were organized with up-to-date playing equipment, and the area around the kindergarten was landscaped. The kindergarten has new furniture: children's beds, sideboards, bookcases, tables, chairs and benches.

Within the frame of the project we planned to repair the kindergarten in village Zvezdets but the activities involved virtually amounted to a newbuilding, given the scope of the work involved: new roofing, new steel plate to serve as foundation of the structure, repaired heating installation. The old building that was inacceptable as a facility intended to host and educate children 5 – 6 years old was, in fact, replaced by a new modern kindergarten.

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A new building for “Hristo Botev” Primary School in Burgas


As of 2016/2017 school year, 90 children of 5 and 6 years old and 55 children of 7 and 8 years old will be able to attend the full-day activities organized in the newly built annexe, intended for preschool and elementary-school classes in “Hristo Botev” Primary School in Pobeda neighbourhood in Burgas. The neighbourhood has never had a kindergarten facility until now and the rooms for extracurricular activities for pupils from the first school grades have been insufficient.

The building is of total area of 870.7 sq.m. The first floor hosts classrooms and a gym, which the school has never had until now. The second floor hosts the rooms for the preparatory-school groups, a medical office and teaching-consultancy room, speech-therapist and psychologist offices and a room for work with parents.

The members of the project team visited 150 families of Roma and Turkish origin, to motivate them to send their children to school.

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Construction of a comprehensive childcare facility (ODZ) in Sliven


After a prolonged public-procurement process, investment planning and negotiations for the locating of a new comprehensive childcare facility in Nadezhda neighbourhood, in September 2016 the local government of Sliven launched the construction works. Apart from a nursery and kindergarten, the facility will host a Health Consulting Centre and Culture Educational Centre. In this way, the Roma will be provided with access to education and healthcare, and a place for the organizing of meetings and a diversity of other events, all in a single spot.

The building is of total area 2326 sq.m. and is in immediate proximity to the Administrative Service Centre in Nadezhda. The construction works are implemented by Stroy Group and will cost 1 249 564,08 BGN. The contractor has been selected through a bid of tenders organized under the Public Procurement Act. The nursery section of the United Childcare Facility will cover 32 children organized in two groups while the kindergarten will educate 120 children organized in four groups. The facility will have classrooms, a music room and a gym.

The Health Consultancy Unit will have three medical consulting rooms: gynaecological, paediatric and GP’s. This facility will provide healthcare for the neighbourhood residents.

The Culture Educational Centre will be organized in two rooms: an information centre for work with the Roma community in Nadezhda and a multi-purpose room for group events.

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Progress with the educational activities in Montana Municipality


Within the framework of ZOV programme, ten new teachers were appointed for the holding of additional extracurricular classes in two schools and two kindergartens. The aim of this action is to make up for any omissions and gaps that the children may have in the taught school material overall and the lessons in Bulgarian language in particular.

Further, the teachers work with the children to develop their communicative and social skills.

According to the teachers, the benefits from the additional work with 97 children aged between three and six years old are already visible. The progress is also tangible in the group of 35 pupils aged between seven and ten years old, for whom additional classes in the Bulgarian language have been organized.

The summer school organized in 2016 helped to build the interest and motivation of Roma children to continue with their studies in the desegregated schools in the town. Discussions with 23 fourth-grade pupils from Primary School “Georgi Benkovski” were organized. The children paid visits to the Fifth Secondary School “Hristo Botev” and the Eighth Secondary School “Otets Paisiy” in Montana; they also visited museums in the town and the local landmarks.  

In Montana, ZOV team works hard to make Roma parents understand the benefits and advantages of the public preschool education, thus motivating them to enrol their children in the kindergartens. With the parents of elder children, the objective is to encourage the successful participation in the educational process in the primary schools.

Training was provided for 47 families on the topic “Is it hard to be a parent, is it easy to be a child? Styles of education.” Further discussions are scheduled to be held on current topics of family upbringing.

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New kindergarten in Kosharnik neighbourhood in Montana


With the construction of a new building for full-day kindergarten No. 8 “Prolet,” which started in Kosharnik at the beginning of summer 2016, ZOV Programme and Montana Municipality will significantly improve the access of children aged between three and six years old to preschool education where they will be prepared to become pupils in school.  

The new building is constructed on the site of an illegal compost land. The facility will host children who currently attend the old kindergarten, which is obsolete and does not meet the current requirements.

In the new facility, the children will not only be provided with access to education that contributes to their socialization, but the process will be conducted in a cosy and child-friendly environment. The children will be able to attend the kindergarten without the need to commute to town; this circumstance will motivate them and their parents for regular attendance of kindergarten classes. This is of critical importance for the five- and six-year olds whose participation in the preparatory groups is mandatory. The preparedness for the classes in the first school grade will facilitate these children’s easier adaptation in the mixed schools in Montana. The scheduled work with the parents in the new facility will contribute significantly for keeping the children in the kindergarten and for the continuing of their studies in the elementary school grades.  The facility will host approximately 100 children organized in three groups studying full day, as well as one group studying half day.

The new facility will have a room appointed for extracurricular and supplementary activities, for working with parents, community meetings, festive events and other initiatives.  The new kindergarten in the Roma neighbourhood Kosharnik will be finished and ready in February 2017.

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“From door to door” gains speed in Sliven


The team of Association “Roma Academy for Culture and Education” (RACO) – ZOV local partner in Sliven – works every day with the families in Nadezhda: the team members talk with them, provide information on various matters and motivate the parents to enrol their children in the new kindergarten once it is finished and inaugurated. The visits are from street to street and from door to door. Information about the social and economic standing of the families is gathered through questionnaires, the purpose being to specify families’ needs.

According to the 250 questionnaires filled-in so far, 92% of the interviewed mothers are above 18 years old; of them, 45% are over 23 years old. It was established that 51% of the interviewed parents have one child and 38% have two children. Only 2% (five families) have more than three children.

Many parents share that they live in hard times and prefer to have one or two children, so that they can provide them with quality care and good education. Some of the parents share that they have difficulties in finding employment because they are undereducated and under-qualified (58% of the mothers have elementary education and 36% have primary education); that is why they want to provide better education for their children.

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Happenings dedicated to the benefits of Roma education


On the 1st of April 2016 in Sliven, over 1000 participants joined the Happening for the benefits of education in the Roma community organized by “Roma Academy for Culture and Education”.

The happening was organized in Nadezhda neighbourhood of predominantly Roma population with the participation of Roma artists and musicians, dance group RACO with choreographer Atanas Atanasov and dance group Veselie, the Young Virtuosi orchestra with leader Radka Kuseva and Karandila Junior Band with leader Angel Tichaliev.

The participants were greeted by RACO President Stela Kostova, Deputy-mayor Stoyan Markov and District governor Tatyana Petkova. Attendants in the event were the Head of the Regional Education Inspectorate Dr. Biserka Mihaleva, administrators from the local government of Sliven, representatives from the Governor’s office, partner NGOs and the team of “Integrated project for social inclusion of Roma and other vulnerable groups in Sliven”.
This has been the first event of its type organized in Nadezhda. The Roma living in the neighbourhood highly approved this RACO initiative.

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Нов модел за овладяване на български от деца-билингви


Нов модел за овладяване на български от деца-билингви

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Приемни за консултации на родители роми в Русе


Приемни за консултации на родители роми в Русе

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Ремонти на детски градини в Русе


Ремонти на детски градини в Русе

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Информационни кампании за трафик на хора сред уязвимите групи в Русе


Информационни кампании за трафик на хора сред уязвимите групи в Русе

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Клубове „Родител-дете“ в Русе имат всяка седмица занимания


Клубове „Родител-дете“ в Русе имат всяка седмица занимания

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Изводи от семинар за обмяна на добри практики за ранно детско развитие



От 28 февруари до 1 март 2017 в Русе се състоя семинар за обмяна на добри практики и знания в областта на ранното детско развитие за подобряване на достъпа до качествени грижи и занимания в детските градини. Срещата беше организирана от Програма ЗОВ (Здраве и образование за всички).

Участваха експерти в областта на ранното детско развитие и образование от общините-партньори по ЗОВ, директори и учители от детски градини, както и партниращи неправителствени организации, представители на общините Тунджа, Севлиево и Търговище и на детските градини от тези градове реализирали добри практики. Опит от приключили и предстоящи проекти споделиха  представители на Министерството на образованието и науката (МОН) и Министерството на труда и социалната политика, УНИЦЕФ и отдела на МОН, който ръководи фондовете на Eвропейското икономическо пространство (ЕИП). Всички презентации можете да свалите от този линк.

Изводи и научени уроци от първата обмяна на добри практики по Програма ЗОВ?

Презентациите на проектите по Програма ЗОВ са генерирали интерес за проследяване на ефектите от прилагането на добрите практики и модели и очаквания на следващ етап участниците в обмените между общините да научат какви са били трудностите при прилагането на представените практики и как са отчитани резултатите от тях, сочи доклад, който представя обратна връзка от 25-ма участници в семинара и отразява основни наблюдения, изводи и научени уроци. Налице са и очаквания за представяне в много по-голяма степен на партньорствата, които общините имат с НПО за реализиране на интеграционните политики и приноса за тяхното изпълнение на съвместната работа с неправителствените организации по Програма ЗОВ.

При други подобни обмени може да се помисли и за акцент върху примери от реалната практика по Програма ЗОВ, които са дали добри резултати.

Сред препоръките на участниците е да се осъществят учебни посещения в образователни институции или услуги на място, където да се видят постиженията и да се усети средата и атмосферата на работа, след което да се пристъпи към обсъждане.

За част от общините интерес би представлявала и информация относно съществуващи подходи и техники в областта на преподаването в мултикултурна среда.

Макар обменът на добри практики в областта на включването на родителите и на цялата ромска общност в образователния процес да е оценен като много полезен до момента, повишаването на квалификацията за работата с родителите и местната общност остава сред целите на екипите като важна предпоставки за по-успешна образователната интеграция.

Обобщение за резултатите от първата обмяна на добри практики по Програма ЗОВ вижте от от този линк


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Centre for Community Development in the town of Sredets


Since April 2017, a Centre for Community Development has been operating in the town of Sredets. The building, erected more than 40 years ago, was entirely renovated and furnished under the ZOV Programme.  The Centre offers complex services in the area of education and healthcare, including working with parents and celebrations of holidays and cultural events for the most vulnerable groups in the municipality.

The children from the community have extracurricular classes, which complement their skills in Bulgarian language acquired at school; they also have dance lessons, sports activities, and computer lessons. The dances, sports activities and the computers attract the children to attend the centre, and develop their social and communication skills. The centre attracts the parents, too, through the „Active parent“ and the „Responsible parent“ clubs.

The Centre is also intended to provide health-education services and consultations to the parents, so that they have a basic health culture and hygiene habits, as well as to stimulate them to take care of their health – theirs and that of their children. This has all been carried out by pedagogical specialists, psychologists, doctors and health and education mediators, employed under the ZOV Programme, who work all together as a well-coordinated and enthusiastic team.

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Education mediators in „Pobeda“ neighbourhood in Burgas


Three education mediators from the „Regional Roma Union“ Foundation were employed with a competition in the year 2017.  They are actively working in the Roma neighbourhood “Pobeda” to motivate as many children as possible to get enrolled in school and attend the classes regularly.

The mediators are people from the community and they easily find a common language with the parents; they are familiar with the problems of the families and they know how to stimulate them to send their children to the kindergartens and schools. The team of mediators has developed a plan and topics to be discussed during the meetings with the parents, which include the following:  rules at home and in school, discipline, responsible parenting, assistance in the preparation for school. 

 The first families in „Pobeda“ neighbourhood that they visited were families with children aged 5-6 years, according to the information provided by the Civil Registration Office. As a result, ninety (90) per cent of the children born in the year 2012 were enrolled in pre-school groups in the newly-built school building of  „Hristo Botev“ Primary School in „Pobeda“ neighbourhood. The rest of the children were enrolled in kindergartens in Burgas and were provided free transportation by the Municipality of Burgas. The active work of the mediators in „Pobeda“ neighbourhood continues.

Meanwhile, a hundred and fifty (150) new children aged 5 and 6 years were enrolled in pre-school groups in the new building of „Hristo Botev“ Primary School. Before the opening of the new building there were no opportunities for pre-school activities of the children in the neighbourhood.

The „Regional Roma Union“ Foundation works very closely with the schools, and the mediators attend the classes, invite teachers to the thematic discussions with the parents, resolve individual cases and conflicts.

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Renovated library meeting centre in the Burgas neighbourhood „Pobeda“


The ZOV Programme supported the repair and renovation of Library meeting centre (Chitalishte) „Hristo Botev 1937“ in Burgas  and since the beginning of 2017 it has been a focal point for the residents and children from the Roma neighbourhood „Pobeda“, as well as for the people from the neighbouring residential areas, wherefrom children from Bulgarian and Turkish origin come to visit the centre.

Theatre and other performances are now regularly held in the library meeting centre (chitalishte) and the hall turns out to be too small to accommodate all who wish to attend them.

The information centre, equipped with computers, is available to the children. In another hall, they have the opportunity to get together, read books and meet with authors.

About 30 children actively attend the group for amateur and applied arts. Dance classes are also conducted regularly – folk and standard dances. Employed under the ZOV Programme was a teacher that leads the extracurricular activities like the reading groups, painting and computer literacy groups.

Those interest-oriented clubs engage the children and actually help them to communicate, to acquire communication and social skills, along with the knowledge they gain. They are those that lead to the final goal – integration!

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Establishing “Active Parents” Club in Stolipinovo and Kuklen


Since July 2017 an Active Parents club is working in the Roma neighborhood of Stolipinovo. The club was created within the framework of the ZOV Project implemented by the Municipality of Plovdiv. The club organizes monthly activities involving both parents and children. A similar club was established in the town of Kuklen by activists from the Indi Roma 97 foundation.

Stolipinovo is the biggest Roma neighborhood in Europe and has a large number of issues accumulated over the years. In the two major aspects of its work – education and health – the ZOV Programme relies on parents’ awareness and active involvement in the educational process.

Roma parents, who took part at the club’s founding meeting, said that one of the major problems for both them and their children is the poor fluency in Bulgarian language. Therefore, part of the activities at the Active Parents club will be directed towards language integration of the parents; these include, among other things, visiting cultural and sports events outside the neighborhood, participation in public readings, organized for both parents and children, and providing assistance to those parents who would like to continue their education. Two-hundred parents from Plovdiv and Kuklen have been involve in these activities since the program’s start. Two-hundred children have been visited by the educational mediators, hired under the project; the same number of children participated in the extracurricular activities held in Lilia Kindergarten and the two primary schools "Kiril Nektariev" and "Nayden Gerov".

Currently, there are three educational mediators working in Stolipinovo and Kuklen. All of them are very well received by the local communities and are familiar with the existing problems of the local Roma families. Zinaida Karagiozova, one of the educational mediators working in Stolipinovo, is trying to convince Roma parents to enroll their children from an early age in the kindergarten. Another crucial moment in her daily work is the prevention of early school dropout. The second educational mediator in Stolipinovo, Ramis Sharif, was employed in September and is working with primary school students. The educational mediator Zlatka Yordanova works in the town of Kuklen with the local Roma children to facilitate their further integration into the educational system.  

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Minister of Education and Science Krassimir Valchev visited Stolipinovo


In the beginning of September 2017 Minister of Education and Science Krassimir Valchev visited the intervention area of the ZOV Programme in Plovdiv. He was accompanied by the Deputy Minister Detnitsa Sacheva, the head of the Regional Governance of Education – Plovdiv Ivanka Kirkova, the Province Governor Zdravko Dimitrov as well as by experts from the ZOV Programme and various other institutions. The Minister visited “Nayden Gerov” School and “Lilia” kindergarten located in the Roma neighborhood of Stolipinovo where most of the activities of the Municipality of Plovdiv’s project, implemented under the ZOV Programme, are taking place.

Within the framework of the visit the Minister joint the mobile intervention team in Stolipinovo with the aim to include more local Roma children in the education system. The group met with a number of Roma families in an attempt to convince parents that regular school attendance is very important for the success of their children at school. In joining the mobile intervention team, the Minister showed his support for the work of social workers, teachers and experts who work to attract and retain children at school in the course of a national campaign.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Education and Science, only in the Plovdiv province there are 13 500 children who are not attending school. This problem is particularly acute in the neighborhood of Stolipinovo and is one of the major challenges facing the local team of the ZOV Programme. In an effort to decrease the number of children dropping out of school, an educational mediator has been hired in June to work with the target group in Stolipinovo; the second educational mediator is to be employed in September. Such educational mediators work also in other five intervention areas of the ZOV Programme and the positive effect of their activities on the field is already visible. They are familiar with the problems of the target group since they themselves are part of the Roma community and therefore could easily find the right approach with the Roma parents and children. The educational mediators could become an important part of the mobile intervention teams that were set up throughout the country in an attempt to bring back the school dropouts whose number is over 200 thousand. The 6 mobile intervention teams working in Plovdiv are expected to visit 4615 addresses and talk with the families of children and young people who are not attending school.

“The occupation of the educational mediator will be included in the National Classifier of Occupations”- said in Plovdiv the minister of education and science Krassimir Valchev.

According to the ZOV Programme this was an important decision that would enable the educational mediators to work more efficiently in order to achieve sustainable results – a maximum school attendance of children from Roma community and other vulnerable groups.

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Teachers with improved skills to work and unteract with children from vulnerable groups


Twenty-one teachers from Lilia kindergarten, Kiril Nektariev primary school and Nayden Gerov secondary school passed a special training in September on how to work with children from Roma community and other vulnerable groups. The educational mediator who was employed under the ZOV Programme to work with the vulnerable groups and teachers in Stolipinovo also participated in the training.

The seminar speakers were experts from the Plovdiv 2019 foundation, Equilibrium (Ravnovesie) Association and the Children Architecture Workshop organization; all of the speakers had a previous proven experience in the field of multicultural education.

During the seminar a number of good practices from the work of Plovdiv 2019 foundation with young people in Plovdiv’s Roma neighborhood were introduced. Another topic was the presentation of successful global approaches for working in a multicultural environment that could implemented in Bulgaria as well. According to the experts from Plovdiv 2019 foundation, a successful approach to the integration of Roma children and youth is their involvement in various stage performances such as participation in concerts, festivals and theatrical performances. The teachers who participated in the training had the opportunity to present to the audience good practices from their own everyday work with the Roma children.

During the practical segment of the two-day seminar the presenters from the Children Architecture Workshop introduced various games and plays helping to develop critical thinking and interaction with the environment.

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Education and Health Center under construction in Stolipinovo


The contractors for the construction of an educational center and a new extension building of the Iztok Healthcare Center in Stolipinovo have been selected. The biggest Roma neighborhood in Bulgaria with its fast growing population is in a huge need of new educational and healthcare infrastructure.

The educational center is to be housed in a multifunctional building with three premises, one of which will be used for sports activities and other public gatherings. The building provides for organization of extracurricular activities, joint activities for both children and parents and community meetings. A library will be set up as part of the educational center and public readings will be organized with the participation of both parents and children from the local primary schools “Kiril Nektariev”and “Nayden Gerov”.

The medical offices for a general practitioner, gynecologist and pediatrician will be situated in the new extension building of the Iztok Healthcare Center. The health mediator already employed under the project will have an office in this building as well. The increase of the number of medical consultations in Stolipinovo is foreseen under the project; this will include the consultations conducted by general practitioner, pediatrician and gynecologist as well as carrying out of vaccinations.

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Започват ремонти в района ни в Шумен


Вече е избран изпълнител на ремонт в Детска градина „Пролетна дъга” и нейния филиал в Шумен. Ще бъдат ремонтирани и обновени помещенията в градината, което ще даде възможност да бъде сформирана нова детска група за 20 деца от близките квартали. Освен това се извършва и ремонт на площадките за игра в основната сграда на градината. Междувременно местният екип работи по идентифициране и записване на деца за новата група в градината.

Ремонти се планират и в Основно училище „Хр.Ботев” в с. Ивански, където от първи до осми клас учат близо 150 ученици, предимно от ромски произход. И в двете сгради на училището се ползват външни тоалетни, няма зала за провеждане на родителски срещи, културни събития и празници. Училището няма медицински кабинет и медицинско обслужване. Всички тези услуги ще бъдат осигурени в почти ремонтирания вече образователен център към училището.

Предстои да бъде избран изпълнител за Медицинския център в с. Ивански, където ще бъде направен ремонт на старата сграда.

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Учене не само в клас през учебната година


Летни и наваксващи училища са форми, които Програма ЗОВ използва още от старта на проекта в Шумен, за да бъдат повишени знанията на децата.

„Лятно училище” бе организирано през първата половина на 2017 за 30 деца (4-6 години) от Детска градина „Пролетна дъга“ в 30 деца на същата възраст Шумен, като бе направен и предварителен подбор кои имат най-голяма нужда от подобряване на знанията по български език, както и от социални умения. Използват се  иновативни методи и специализирани дидактически пособия, за да могат децата да обогатят речниковия си запас на децата, да се изразяват по-добре в конкретни житейски и учебни ситуации. Заниманията в „лятно училище“ ще продължат и през следващата година.

През 2017 година 72 деца на възраст между 7 и 10 години в Основно училище „Хр. Ботев“, с. Ивански започнаха занимания в две групи в „наваксващи училища“, за да подобрят знанията си по български език и математика. Заради различното ниво на учениците заниманията на групите са с различно темпо, а в по-голяма част от времето учителите работят с децата индивидуално.

Контролните в края на учебната година показаха добри резултати в националното външно оценяване, добри са постиженията на децата по четене и математика. Организирани бяха интересни състезателни игри по български език и математика между ученици от групите по проекта и други ученици от училището.

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И родителите продължават да учат заедно с децата


По Програма ЗОВ в Шумен активно работим с общо 127 родители от Шумен и с. Ивански. Те отново влизат в класната стая, за да научат как да стимулират децата си да посещават редовно заниманията в детската градина и в училище.  

„Училище за родители“, което действа в района ни в Шумен от началото на 2017, се доказа като успешна форма за работа с родителите. В лекции и свободни дискусии те получават информация по различни теми, свързани с децата им - образование, здраве, култура, възпитание, права и отговорности. Обучението се води от добре подготвени педагози и медицински специалисти от ДГ „Пролетна дъга“ – Шумен и  ОУ „Хр. Ботев“ – с. Ивански. Ето част от темите на “уроците“:  « Култура на етносите от Шуменския край”; „Съвременното   семейство като възпитателна среда”; „Взаимоотношенията в обществото и етническата толерантност”; „За правата, свободите и отговорностите на децата” и др.

Другата успешна форма за работа с родителите са  „Уикенд училищата“, в които деца, ученици и родители от ДГ „Пролетна дъга“- Шумен и  ОУ „Хр. Ботев“- с. Ивански имат съвместни занимания. Те с интерес и ентусиазъм участват в различни ателиета:  „Театрално изкуство“, „Сръчни ръце“,  „Ромски фолклор“ и „ Празници и обичаи“. Резултатът на тези занимания са не само знания и умения, способност за работа в екип, но и интересни изложби на майстореното от деца и родители, които бяха организирани в детската градина и училището.

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Активни образователни медиатори в Шумен


В района ни в Шумен от юни 2017 година активно работят трима образователни медиатори: двама са в Детска градина „Пролетна дъга“и филиала й -  гр. Шумен и един - в Основно училище „Хр. Ботев“- с. Ивански. И тримата бързо се утвърдиха като истински посредници между ромската общност от трите шуменски квартала „Еверест“, „Млада гвардия“ и „Витоша“ и с. Ивански и образователните институции.

Тримата правят индивидуални срещи с родители на деца и ученици  в задължителна предучилищна и училищна възраст, за да ги запишат в Детска градина и училище. Оказано бе съдействие и на ученици, завършили 7-ми клас в основното училище в с. Ивански да кандидатстват в осми клас в училища в Шумен. Всички успешно завършили седми клас ученици продължават образованието си в гимназия.

Образователните медиатори, както и доброволците преминаха през обучение по теми от пет модула: педагогика, психология, работа на терен, работа с родителите и начална компютърна грамотност.

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И учителите учат


През периода февруари – април 2017 общо 29 педагогическите специалисти от ДГ „Пролетна дъга“ и ОУ „Хр. Ботев“ - с. Ивански преминаха първи модул обучение в Шуменски университетите „Епископ Константин Преславски“. Обучението бе ориентирано към  общата интеркултурна компетентност на учителите, работата с родители и особеностите на обучението в билингви среда. Основната цел на обучението е повишаване на равнището на професионална компетентност на педагогическите специалисти за работа в интеркултурна среда. В обучението се застъпва съдържание, което  акцентира и на социо-културната компетентност.

Обучаваните учители оценяват високо необходимостта и полезността на тези обучения. Получили са отговор на много въпроси, с които практиката ги е сблъскала,  както и умения за вземане на адекватни решения не само при кризисни ситуации.

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Здравен медиатор от общността – гаранция за успех


От април 2017 в с. Ивански в района на Програма ЗОВ в Шумен работи здравен медиатор. Ирина Илиева, жителка на селото, спечели конкурса, организиран по проекта. Преди да поеме работата, Ирина премина десетдневно обучение, организирано от Националната мрежа на здравните медиатори – София.

Ирина (46) е човек от ромската общност в село Ивански, завърнала се е от чужбина с амбиция да помогне за социалното включване на съселяните си. С желание, вещина и усет Ирина се вписа в екипа на проекта и активно работи на терен: за идентифицирането на конкретните проблеми на хората, разяснителни кампании по здравна култура, съдействие на нуждаещите се за равен достъп до здравни и социални услуги и помощ за хората от уязвимите групи в общуването им с институциите.  Една от амбициите на Ирина е да се пребори с ранните женитби, един сериозен проблем за ромската общност.

Двама медиатори-доброволци вече работят в Шумен, след като също преминаха обучение по проекта.

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Наваксващите занимания дават резултат


С помощта на общински експерти в Монтана е разработена система, която определя необходимостта от допълнителни занимания за децата в предучилищна и училищна възраст.

От 2017 специално наети по Програма ЗОВ седем учители провеждат наваксващи занимания с общо 95 деца на задължителна предучилищна подготовка в района ни в Монтана. Внимание се обръща на знанията по български език, социалните умения, здравните навици, както и познания за природата и културата. Учителите отчитат видим напредък в знанията по български език, както и в социалните умения. 41 ученици от четири училища в Монтана имат наваксващи занимания по български език, математика, социални умения и основни познания за природа и култура. Обученията се водят от четирима специално наети учители.

Общият брой на децата от градини и училища, които са имали допълнителни занимания по български език в периода юли 2016 – юли 2017 е 187.

Извънкласните занимания също допринасят за развитието на учениците - 114 ученици от три места в Монтана имат кръжоци по фотография, изобразително изкуство, танци, актьорско майсторство и художествено слово. Децата успешно се представят в конкурси и концерти.

Петнадесет деца, завършили през лятото на 2017 четвърти клас в основното училище в монтанския квартал „Кошарник“, имаха занимания по математика, български, компютърни умения и спорт на организираното по проекта лятно училище. То им помага да придобият и нови социални умения, необходими им за прехода от квартално ромско училище към смесено училище в града.

Проектът по ЗОВ в Монтана обръща внимание и на работата с родителите: в периода юли 2016 – юни 2017 са направени срещи, в които са участвали общо  1650 родители на деца от детски градини, подготвителни групи и училища.

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Обучение в иновативни стратегии за образователното включване


През 2017 година 44 учители и двама директори от три училища в района ни в Монтана преминаха обучение по политиките за образователно включване.

Преподавателите поднесоха качествено нова информация, насочиха към полезни интернет ресурси, представиха различни подходи към учебно-възпитателния процес, демонстрираха разнообразни техники и технологии и въвлякоха групата в обучението, което го направи още по-пълноценно. Участниците са категорични, че ще приложат в практиката си част от наученото, за да повишат ефективността на своята работата в класната стая.

Обсъждани бяха иновативни стратегии за реализиране на интерактивни форми и методи и бе подчертано значението на обучението чрез сътрудничество в интерактивна среда като катализатор на ефективността на образователния процес.

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Active educational work in the ZOV region of Shumen


In 2018, the repaired facilities in the main kindergarten “Proletna Daga” in Shumen and its branch were used at full speed making it possible for children to have extra classes, meetings with parents, and also use a whole new unit for 20 children aged 5-6. The new children in the kindergarten for this year are 10.

In the period January – June 2018, 30 children (from Ivanski and Shumen) had additional classes in Bulgarian language and 25 teachers from the 2 locations were trained in innovative teaching for vulnerable children.

200 children attended puppet shows and mixed with Bulgarian children and 116 children attended one-day trips to historic locations around Shumen.

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Еxtracurricular catch up activities in the ZOV-region of Plovdiv


In the period January – June 2018, the extracurricular catch up activities in Bulgarian and some basic subjects continued in Kuklen as planned. 29 new children were enrolled in the educational institutions in Plovdiv and 97 were actively engaged in after-school work on Bulgarian language.

In order to increase children’s interest in learning, ZOV teachers employed various teaching methods such as didactic and mobile games, competitive games, quizzes, theatrical sketches and entire plays - eg. The Granddad's Glove, The Red Riding Hood, The Little Guest of Peter the Smart, The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats, etc.

Educational mediators helped hugely in organizing cultural events visits by coordinating the transfer of 390 children to the events venues and then supporting logistically the stay of spectators at the theatre. The children had attended the city’s cultural venues for the first time thanks to the project and as a result they would promote the visits to cultural events in their community and among their friends.

312 parents attended meetings and events and 475 children participated in catch up and and art and sports classes. 454 children and parents attended cultural events (theater and concerts) and 188 participated in sports activities. As part of an open lesson held in the presents of local parents, the mediator Zinaida Karagiozova has actively worked with the parents to get them involved in the educational activities along with their children.

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Excellent educational results in Burgas


In 2018, more than 100 pre-school children at the pre-school building in Pobeda - built under ZOV - showed excellent results in Bulgarian after only a year and a half ago hard work. The children are very active and take part in extra school work and even in language and math competitions. They participate in sports and arts clubs organized under the programme (35 children altogether).

16 parents with kids who do not attend school regularly received additional coaching by mediators of the partnering organizaion Regional Roma Union.

In the period January – June 2018, 2 trainings for 20 teachers from the elementary school  "Hristo Botev" in Pobeda and 10 teachers from "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" Secondary School in Sredets were held. In Sredets, 172 students altogether received help and additional classes in the newly functioning community center. 24 children attended Bulgarian language classes, 16 – attended sports classes and 82 participated in culure events.

40 children made educational trips to Burgas. In Malko Tarnovo and the village of Zvezdec, 27 new children were involved in the kindergartens and motivatinal work was carried out with 10 parents.

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Happy children in the new kindergarten in Montana


In Kosharnik, Montana, the new kindergarten is already functional and hosts 112 children aged 3-6.  All children attend the kindergarten regularly and with pleasure and parents’ meetings happen regularly as well. The municipality added funds (beyond the required 10%) to improve the outside space and to also repair a small medical center next to the kindergarten. The kindergarten with the help of the municipality applied and received delegated budgets in January 2018 for sustaining the building and staff salaries - definitely a ZOV success in securing future sustainability.

In the period January – June 2018, children and parents are involved in extracurricular activities: 144 children in Kosharnik, Ogosta and the village of Gabrovnica attended Bulgarian language classes and 188 were involved in art and sports classes. 667 parents from all locations were engaged in motivational meetings, events and classes with their children.

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Hundreds of parents in Ruse involved in joint extracurricular activties with their children


In the period January – June 2018, 609 parents were engaged in joint extracurricular activities, motivational meetings and anti-trafficking campaigns.

47 children in preschool age received additional schooling in Bulgarian language.

29 teachers participated in a pedagogical training for working with pre-school children multi-cultural environment, which has been organized by the ZOV Programme.

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A multifunctional building in Nadezhda will open doors soon


The construction of the multifunctional building in the Nadezhda Roma neighbourhood – a new nursery, kindergarten, medical and culture centers – has been completed and will officially inaugurated on 22 November 2018. The Municipality of Sliven started the process of registering children aged 0-6 to be placed in the new groups.

In the period January – June 2018, 120 children and parents took part in motivational and informational sessions on the importance of early childhood development and enrollment in the newly built kindergarten in Nadezhda organized by RACO, the ZOV local partner.

230 children were engaged in arts classes – dances and singing clubs. 320 Roma participated in celebrating 2 Roma holidays within the reporting period, organized by RACO.

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Burgas - Results EDUCATION


Number of children in kindergartens (3-6) in newly established groups under ZOV, including groups for Bulgarian lessons - 569

Number of pupils (1 - 4 grade) in newly established groups under ZOV - 372

Number of participants (children and parents) in events - theatre, cinema and other culture & sport events – 1 268

Number of children in extracurricular activities (children & parents clubs, green schools, trips, museums) – 1 911

Number of parents in campaigns and consultations on education – 2 927

Note: Data covers the period 2016 – 2018.

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Shumen - Results EDUCATION


Number of children in kindergartens (3-6) in newly established groups under ZOV, including groups for Bulgarian lessons - 302

Number of pupils (1 - 4 grade) in newly established groups under ZOV - 239

Number of participants (children and parents) in events - theatre, cinema and other culture & sport events – 3 082

Number of children in extracurricular activities (children & parents clubs, green schools, trips, museums) – 1 398

Number of parents in campaigns and consultations on education – 381

Note: Data covers the period 2016 – 2018

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Plovdiv - Results EDUCATION


Number of children in kindergartens (3-6) in newly established groups under ZOV, including groups for Bulgarian lessons - 76

Number of pupils (1 - 4 grade) in newly established groups under ZOV - 309

Number of participants (children and parents) in events - theatre, cinema and other culture & sport events – 578

Number of children in extracurricular activities (children & parents clubs, green schools, trips, museums) – 3 048

Number of parents in campaigns and consultations on education– 1 181

Note: Data covers the period 2016 – 2018.

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Montana - Results EDUCATION


Number of children in kindergartens (3-6) in newly established groups under ZOV, including groups for Bulgarian lessons - 711

Number of pupils (1 - 4 grade) in newly established groups under ZOV - 223

Number of participants (children and parents) in events - theatre, cinema and other culture & sport events – 1 869

Number of children in extracurricular activities (children & parents clubs, green schools, trips, museums) – 1 266

Number of parents in campaigns and consultations on education – 4 137

Note: Data covers the period 2016 – 2018

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Sliven - Results EDUCATION


Number of children in kindergartens (3-6) in newly established groups under ZOV, including groups for Bulgarian lessons – 1 080

Number of participants (children and parents) in events - theatre, cinema and other culture & sport events – 6 589

Number of children in extracurricular activities  – 318

Number of parents in campaigns and consultations on education – 914

Note: Data covers the period 2015 – 2018

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Ruse - Results EDUCATION


Number of children in kindergartens (3-6) in newly established groups under ZOV, including groups for Bulgarian lessons - 177

Number of pupils (1 - 4 grade) in newly established groups under ZOV - 970

Number of participants (children and parents) in events - theatre, cinema and other culture & sport events – 410

Number of children in extracurricular activities (children & parents clubs, green schools, trips, museums) – 740

Number of parents in campaigns and consultations on education – 736

Note: Data covers the period 2016 – 2018

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Trainings in first-aid providing for the vulnerable groups


Series of three-day trainings in first-aid providing intended for Roma and other vulnerable groups from the three municipalities were organized in Burgas and Malko Tarnovo in the summer of 2016. The trainings were attended by 100 participants – predominantly parents, but there were children, too. Contests in first-aid providing for 200 participants will be organized at a later stage for the parents and their children. The contestants will be teams composed of family members. The contests will be organized on a drill ground and will include realistically simulated incidents.

These trainings are especially important for the Roma community because of usually delayed visits to the doctor, frequently inaccessible first-aid services and common occurrences of crisis situations. Apart from these reasons, the activity aims to improve the understanding on the benefits of prevention. These indirect results will expand the health awareness and culture of the Roma population. The joint participation of parents and children is a good idea because it contributes to the building of a shared perception for help providing and educates that reaction to a health issue is practically possible.

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Six health mediators work with the Roma community


A total of six health mediators were trained in 2016. Three of them work in Burgas, another one works in Sredets and two other work in Malko Tarnovo. For a couple of months the mediators identified 450 Roma and Turkish families in risk and consulted them on the matters of health insurances and access to healthcare. 84 children of Roma and Turkish origin were directed to immunization. 86 Roma received support for the purchasing of medications and for observance of doctor’s prescriptions.

There is a huge necessity for such mediators across the country. We, the members of ZOV team working in the Burgas area, are satisfied that we have been able to identify persons that are well-suited to perform the function of health mediator in the three towns where the programme operates. Mediators play a key role so that Roma can rely on comprehensive services – healthcare, education, administration matters and establishing contacts with physicians and hospitals.

Mediators’ work is financed by ZOV Programme but the three local governments have undertaken the engagement to employ the mediators once the project is finalized.

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Results in the area of reproductive and sexual health and prevention


On 15 April 2016, a round table on the healthcare issues of Roma living in Nadezhda neighbourhood was organized with the participation of ten religious leaders from the community. This meeting was intended to explain basic matters concerning the reproductive health and contraception, maternal health and prevention. Since the pastors in Nadezhda are leaders in the community and can easily mobilize the participation of its residents, “Medics of the World” invited pastors, Roma women and mothers to join the discussions on these significant topics for the Roma women.

Through the period February – July 2016, the partner NGO “Medics of the World” organized 794 individual meetings with Nadezhda residents who were in need of healthcare and medical attention. Out of those, 385 were first-time visitors and in the organization’s consultancy rooms and received the mediators’ assistance for the gynaecological examinations and other explanatory consultancies. During their field work, the project team talked with another 227 individuals. 46 women were accompanied for their visits to the gynaecologist. 478 individuals visited the “Medics of the World” Information Centre. Those were predominantly women and mothers in need of medical examinations and assistance with contraceptive aids. Some of those visitors did not have medical insurances. During these individual information sessions, the visitors were consulted by the mediators working for the programme.

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Health awareness campaigns in Montana


To raise the sensitivity and awareness of the Roma community on the matters of health prevention with focus on maternal and child health, 350 information material sets were spread in the Roma neighbourhoods Kosharnik and Ogosta in Montana, and in village Gabrovnitsa.

The health mediators consulted 99 Roma on health and social issues. Informative and explanatory work for prevention of morbidity and building of awareness on the importance of timely immunizations for 62 children and youths was conducted. The health prevention activities have been assigned to 150 women living in the places where the project operates.

Special attention has been paid to the health mediators of 24 pregnant women. The project activities cover 13 families with large number of children – the topics of contraception and the use of contraceptives were discussed with them.

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Mapping the Roma for the purposes of health prevention


The collecting of current and reliable information on the health state of Roma families is implemented through the mapping initiative, which started in October 2016 with the help of the Health Mediators’ National Network and professional sociologists.

The sociological surveys organized in the Roma neighbourhoods in Montana and in village Gabrovnitsa will help to identify the Roma in risk and those with socially significant diseases.

The collected empirical information will help to develop adequate measures aimed to improve the healthcare for the population.

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First steps on the road of health mediation in Montana


Six health mediators were appointed to work in Montana on the improvement of the healthcare culture of the residents and to facilitate the access to health services for the Roma living in the region.

Owing to the partnership between ZOV and the Health Mediators’ National Network, three new health mediators were trained in the Medical University in Sofia and obtained their professional certificates.

The activities to further improve the competency of the medical professionals for work with the Roma community are a continuous process. The medics have already participated in a seminar on family planning, reproductive health and contraception, mapping trainings and a discussion forum on the subject: “Early marriages in the context of trafficking prevention.”

The initiative schedules upbuilding trainings and analysis of the achievements and omissions in their work, so that the health mediators can work better with the target group.

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Fully refurbished medical centre in village Gabrovnitsa in Montana


The Health and Consulting Centre organized in the municipal administration building in village Gabrovnitsa was fully refurbished in 2016, alongside with the consulting rooms of the Municipal Medical Centre.

The centre in Gabrovnitsa will also undertake the medical-service providing for the two neighbouring villages Virove and Bezdenitsa.

Forthcoming is the equipping of the consulting rooms in “Municipal Medical Centre – Montana” EOOD. The medical specialists will work in the newly fitted rooms to improve the health state and health awareness of the residents of Ogosta neighbourhood.

The expectations are that the proximity of the two health centres to the local residents will motivate the people to timely seek medical services.

The Centre has a General Practitioner’s medical office and Obstetrics and Gynaecology consulting room, and a General Nursing surgery; it also hosts a health mediator's office.

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AIDS and contagious-disease examinations in Sliven


In 2016, the “Roma Health” organization interviewed 416 residents of Nadezhda to obtain information about AIDS, tapeworm and sexually transmitted diseases.

Out of these, 351 individuals aged between 18 and 35 were examined for AIDS, another ten are scheduled to pass additional examinations.

The results from the research provided information about the health state of Roma living in Nadezhda.

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Обучения на лекари от Спешна помощ в Русе



Обучения за лекари от Спешна помощ в Русе.

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Две нови яслени групи в Детска ясла № 6 в гр. Русе


Две нови яслени групи в Детска ясла № 6 в гр. Русе

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Скрининги на деца от района ни в Русе


Скрининги на деца от района ни в Русе

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200 prophylactic medical examinations in the town of Sredets


Since the beginning of 2017, there have been regular gynecological examinations of young women, as well as consultations of pregnant women and mothers from „Pobeda“ neighbourhood – Sredets. Medical aid has been provided to uninsured women as well.

In order to respond to the need for regular examinations, the Municipality of Sredets organizes transportation to the Diagnostic and consultative centre „El Masri“ for those examinations to be carried out. They include gynecological examinations of uninsured pregnant women from the Roma community and application of free intrauterine spirals (50 spirals since the beginning of the project). By the end of June 2017 gynecological examinations were carried out to 167 health uninsured women from the town of Sredets. Of them, eighty-eight women were pregnant.

During the period January-June 2017, two hundred (200) prophylactic medical examinations were carried out.

The health mediator, employed under the ZOV Programme, helps in the organization of the prophylactic examinations and immunizations, directs the uninsured pregnant women to a gynecologist, and supports the implementation of the doctor’s prescriptions.


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Medical examination in Burgas and Malko Tarnovo


With the help of the two health mediators, since the start of the activities for conducting gynecological examinations (December 2016), eighty-one (81) women from „Pobeda“ neighbourhood in Burgas have been examined by a gynecological specialist. Over 400 individual consultations on various health topics have been carried out by the health mediators in the neighbourhood. They also delivered eight lectures on the topic of Hygiene and health during the last reporting period.

Since the start of the examinations in the end of 2016, with the assistance of the health mediators, fifty-five (55) women from Malko Tarnovo have been examined by a gynecological specialist. Sixty-eight (68) uninsured people from the target group have undergone prophylactic examinations by a general practitioner. The mediators have conducted two health campaigns among the community on the topics of family planning, unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Health mediators work actively in Plovdiv and Kuklen


The two health mediators, employed following a selection procedure in 2017, work actively in our intervention area in Plovdiv region – one of them work in the Roma neighborhood of Stolipinovo and the second in the near-by town of Kuklen.

The health mediators organize healthcare campaigns on different topics important for the Roma community such as family planning and methods of contraception, prevention of early pregnancies, children health’s problems, immunizations, etc. Before starting their work, both health mediators passed successfully a special training conducted by the National Network of Health Mediators.

For the period January – June 2017 the health mediator in Stolipinovo conducted 41 individual and 8 group consultations. The building of the healthcare center with an office for the healthcare mediators is planned to be finished by the end of 2017.

Mariana Rangelova, the health mediator in the town of Kuklen, is familiar with the local needs and is trusted by the local Roma community. Her efforts in overcoming the negative stereotypes, existing in the community, against the immunizations as well as her determination in solving the healthcare problems of the Roma people in Kuklen already brought about the first results. The health mediator in Kuklen conducted 55 individual and 33 group consultations for the period from January to July 2017.   

In September 2017, the health mediator Mariana organized in Kuklen a healthcare information campaign for the benefits of regular immunizations.

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Медицински прегледи в Шумен


В района ни в Шумен през април 2017 започнаха планираните по проекта безплатни прегледи на млади жени и майки при общопрактикуващ лекар и АГ специалист.

„Опитваме се да помогнем на здравно неосигурени млади майки, бременни и млади семейства. Крайната ни цел е да се подобри здравният статус на уязвимите групи”, казва Людмила Андреева, координатор „Здравеопазване” в проекта.

В периода април-юни са организирани осем прегледа при общопрактикуващ лекар в ДКЦ1, партньор по проекта. Прегледани са:  млада жена и бременна, здравно осигурени  от гр. Шумен и общо 20 жени здравно неосигурени, от които 15  са бременни неосигурени и 5 млади  жени здравно неосигурени. Направени са изследвания на  15 бременни здравно неосигурени от гр. Шумен.

Прегледите при общопрактикуващ лекар продължат два пъти месечно до края на проекта през 2019 г. Планирани са безплатни профилактични прегледи за общо 300 жени и 150 деца до седемгодишна възраст.

Междувременно Семейно-консултативният център организира обучения и беседи в гр. Шумен  и с. Ивански на теми: обща здравна грамотност; подобряване на майчиното здраве и здравето на новороденото; ваксини и защо да ваксинираме децата; детска хигиена от 3 до 6 години; взаимоотношения в семейството и родителски умения. Центърът проведе и четири кампании в Шумен и с. Ивански по темите  „Здравето на децата зависи от нас“ и „Запази детската усмивка“.

Картографирането, което върви в района, открои няколко сериозни проблема: големият процент здравно неосигурени лица; повечето от хората са безработни или работят временно; има деца, които не посещават детска градина поради липса на доходи в семейството.

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Активни здравни медиатори


Петима здравни медиатори в Монтана активно работят от 2016 г. за подобряване на здравната култура и улесняване на достъпа до здравеопазване на ромите в района.

През втората половина на 2016 г. здравните медиатори са работили по 64 индивидуални казуси в трите локации: в кв. „Огоста“ – Монтана има предимно проблеми с хронично болни и възрастни хора, в кв. „Кошарник“ работата е предимно с млади хора, докато в с. Габровница преобладават социалните казуси.

Медиаторите изпълняват периодично посещения и консултации на терен за промотиране на профилактичните национални здравни програми, ваксинации, превенция на заболявания, контрацепция и полово предавани болести.

 В края на март/началото на април 2017 г. здравните медиатори се включиха в извънредната кампания за имунизация срещу морбили. Бяха ваксинирани общо 67 деца: 40 в кв. „Кошарник“, 19 - в кв. „Огоста“ и 10 – в с. Габровница.

Медиаторите редовно се срещат с млади хора, за да обсъждат проблеми, които ги вълнуват. Само за периода януари-юни 2017 г. са организирани общо 18 мероприятия в  кв. „Кошарник“ , кв. „Огоста“ - Монтана и в с. Габровница.

В трите локаци: кв. „Кошарник“ , кв. „Огоста“ - Монтана и с. Габровница, са сформирани 3 групи за самопомощ от жени. Дейността стартира планово в края на 2016 г. и за първата половина на 2017 г. са проведени 18 срещи. Очаква се най-инициативните да бъдат привлечени от здравните медиатори като доброволци в предстоящите здравни кампании и прегледи.

През май 2017 г. медиаторите имаха надграждащо обучение, насочено основно към техниките за сформирането на групите за самопомощ. Женските групи за самопомощ бяха сформирани през септември 2016, като от началото на 2017 г. имат редовни месечни срещи.

За периода юли 2016 – юни 2017 г. сред общността на уязвимите  групи са раздадени 180 броя здравно-информационни материали.

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Medical examinations in Shumen and Ivanski


In Shumen, the gynecological and general examinations have started since late 2017 and the ones in Ivanski began in April 2018 in the fully renovated and equipped health center.

For the period January-June 2018 the health campaigns covered 260 parents (as from the beginning of the project 915).

Only for the first six months of 2018, 103 patients passed general checkups, 104 women passed a gynecological consultation/check up and 67 children were examined by pediatricians and 52 packages for caring for the newly born were delivered to Roma families.

107 persons without health insurance had a medical examination organized by the ZOV Programme.

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Medical examinations in Plovdiv and Kuklen


In the period January – June 2018, more than 1,250 individual consultations on family planning, primary healthcare and maternal and child health were conducted by health mediators in Stolipinovo neighborhood (Plovdiv) and in Kuklen.

For the same period 370 women had a gynecological exam (in total 531 since the start of this activity in 2017) in the 2 project locations (Stolipinovo and Kuklen).  

The health mediator Giulezar Sadak carries out the field work with the community in Stolipinovo together with the health expert Nina Bankova. They both organize health campaigns in different parts of Stolipinovo with the help of local healthcare professionals. Some of health campaign locations include local schools, kindergartens, the local employment service, etc. 6 health campaigns were organized in the adjacent town of Kuklen during the reporting period.

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Medical checks in ZOV region of Burgas


In the period January – June 2018, more than 1,400 individual consultations on different health topics were conducted by health mediators in the 3 project locations – Burgas, Sredets and Malko Tarnovo; 310 gynecological consultations were carried out under ZOV programme in the 3 locations.

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Medical examinations in Montana


More than 450 GP’s consultations and 380 gynecological exams were performed for the first 6 months of 2018. 362 children were examined by pediatricians, 65 newborn children were visited and 45 immunizations performed. 430 health informational leaflets were distributed to the community.

For the reporting period the ZOV health mediators in the Montana region have worked on 28 individual cases. Of these, 8 are of a social nature and 20 are of health nature.

In June 2018, the campaign on health insurance "Make it Now! Health is happiness!" was launched by the local ZOV team. The purpose of the campaign is to motivate people to regularly make their health insurance, learn about the benefits of health insurance, learn how to monitor whether their employer carries out health insurance and act accordingly. The campaign aims to provoke people to become responsible for their own health and the health of their children.

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Medical checks in ZOV region of Sliven


In the period January – June 2018, the Roma Health partner conducted gynecological exams for 259 Roma women. 221 Roma were screened for tapeworm and 2 of these were positively diagnosed and further treated. 35 patients at risk to be sick of Hepatitis B, and C, syphilis, and AIDS were screened and 2 were diagnosed with syphilis and hepatitis B. 79 insured pregnant women were screened as well.

143 Roma took part in sessions on family planning and reproductive health carried out by the partner Doctors of the World. 683 individual consultations on any health problem were conducted, whereas half of these people came to the offices for the 1st time. Doctors of the World work with pastors in order to deal with early marriages and births. 10 pastors take part in 3 round tables on these issues. 122 women were consulted on contraception measures and 80 of them decided to have the IUDs placed.

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Medical checks in ZOV region of Ruse


In the period January – June 2018, the partners Medika and the Association of General Practitioners’ continue with their activities – 959 general examinations, 70 gynecological examinations and 524 screenings (in 4 schools) were completed for the reporting period.

459 Roma participated in campaigns on prevention of early birth and abortions, and 570 people were engaged in campaigns to prevent trafficking by the Ruse partnering organizations Dynamika and BRTIM.

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Монтана – резултати в здравеопазване


В рамките на Програма ЗОВ Община Монтана ремонтира сгради за два здравно-консултативни центрове – в монтанския квартал «Огоста» и в с. Габровница. Центровете са близо и в самите  ромски махали. Те са оборудвани ще бъдат според съвременните медицински стандарти.

Здравното образование и превенция, както и медицинските прегледи ще са предимно за деца и младежи и за млади майки и семейства.

За здравна превенция и ваксинопрофилактиката се разчита на здравните медиатори и медицински професионалисти от Общинския медицински център.

Вижте в тази графика конкретните резултати от работата ни в приоритета ни здравеопазване в района на Програма ЗОВ в Монтана периода 2016 – 2018 година.

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Number of general medical exams carried out by GPs/paediatricians and screenings – 9 356

Number of specialised medical examinations, incl. gynaecological examinations – 483

Number of intrauterine devices - 38

Number of beneficiaries of information campaigns and events, women and health support groups  - 3 191

Note: Data covers the period 2016 – 2018

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Sliven - Results HEALTHCARE


Number of general medical exams carried out by GPs/paediatricians and screenings – 3 468

Number of specialised medical examinations, incl. gynaecological examinations – 2 071

Number of medical tests - incl. HIV, syphilis, PAP smear tests, blood tests for dog tapeworms – 2 386

Number of health consultations (health mediators)– 5 893

Number of intrauterine devices – 285

Number of beneficiaries of information campaigns and events, women and health support groups  - 5 278

Note: Data covers the period 2015 – 2018.

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Montana - Results HEALTHCARE


Number of general medical exams carried out by GPs/paediatricians and screenings – 1 928

Number of specialised medical examinations, incl. gynaecological examinations – 889

Number of health consultations (health mediators) – 852

Number of intrauterine devices - 36

Number of beneficiaries of information campaigns and events, women and health support groups - 1 220

Note: Data covers the period 2016 – 2018.

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Plovdiv - Results HEALTHCARE


Number of general medical exams carried out by GPs/paediatricians and screenings – 1 349

Number of specialised medical examinations, incl. gynaecological examinations – 918

Number of health consultations (health mediators) – 4 196

Number of intrauterine devices - 40

Number of beneficiaries of information campaigns and events, women and health support groups  - 736

Note: Data covers the period 2016 – 2018.

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Бургас - Резултати ЗДРАВЕОПАЗВАНЕ


Общи медицински прегледи, извършени от общопрактикуващите лекари и педиатри и скрининги – 1 539

Специализирани медицински прегледи, вкл. гинекологични прегледи – 605

Медицински тестове - вкл. ХИВ, сифилис, PAP – тестове (цитонамазки), кръвни тестове за кучешки  тения – 156

Здравни консултации (вкл. здравна  медиация) – 3 918

Поставени вътрематочни спирали - 201

Бенефициенти на информационни кампании и събития, групи за здравна подкрепа на жени и младежи  - 3 191

Бележка: Данните се отнасят за периода 2016 – 2018 г.

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Shumen - Results HEALTHCARE


Number of general medical exams carried out by GPs/paediatricians and screenings – 613

Number of specialised medical examinations, incl. gynaecological examinations – 252

Number of medical tests - incl. HIV, syphilis, PAP smear tests, blood tests for dog tapeworms – 85

Number of health consultations (health mediators) – 153

Number of intrauterine devices - 4

Number of beneficiaries of information campaigns and events, women and health support groups  - 1 783

Note: Data covers the period 2016 – 2018

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Empowerment and Culture

Exhibition of Roma posters in Sliven


On 7 Pril 2016, the exhibition of posters "8 April - International Romani Day" was opened in the municipal gallery "May" in Sliven. Tashko Popov, teacher in “Dimitar Dombrovich” National High School for Arts in Sliven presented the exhibition.

The exhibition included 13 thematic posters dedicated to the International Roma Day. Amongst the participants were Sliven-born artist Aleksandar Zahariev, Nikolay Stoychev, Diyan Dankov, Orlin Orlinov and Plamen Kovachev. The Sliven Quartet performed in the official ceremony for the opening of the exhibition.

On the 8th of April, in the esteemed presence of His Eminence Yoanikiy, Bishop of Sliven, a ceremony of flower giving was organized on the banks of Asenovska River to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.

Karandila Band had an open-air concert performed in front of the Military Club in Sliven. These events made part of the two-day programme of Association “Roma Academy for Culture and Education” (RACO), to celebrate the International Roma Day.

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Roma in Sliven celebrated Hederlezi


On the 7th of May, ethnic Roma from Sliven gathered in Hrani Pole vicinity in the area of Sliven Spas to celebrate Hederlezi (St. George’s Day). The event was organized by Association “Roma Academy for Culture and Education,” a local partner of ZOV.

Deputy-mayor Stoyan Markov greeted the attendants and extended his good wishes to the Roma community to keep their traditions.

The celebrations continued with a concert of Karandila Band, wrestling contest, rope jumping and running, contest for most beautiful horse-driven cart and horse, and dancing contest. The winning contestants received prizes.

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A series of events dedicated to Roma identity in Sliven


ZOV Programme works with extra zeal to support Roma initiatives that enhance Roma culture and identity. Association “Roma Academy for Culture and Education” is organizer of the festive events on the occasion of Roma holidays (the 8th of April, Hederlezi), sports and dance events, exhibitions and ethnic-collection corner – a gallery showcasing Roma artefacts.

Over 1500 Roma took part in these events, the greater number of which has been organized in Nadezhda neighbourhood for the first time.

The positive contribution of these initiatives for the improved self-confidence and dignity of Roma is indisputable. This positive effect, in its turn, motivates Roma to participate in the social life in Sliven and contributes for their more successful integration.

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Going to the theater for the first time


On the eve of 1 of June 2017, the international children’s day parents and children from Plovdiv’s neighborhood of Stolipinovo visited together a puppet theatre show staged in the hall of Lilia kindergarten. For most of them this was the first visit to a theatrical performance.

In general, Roma people from the neighborhood of Stolipinovo live an isolated life and leave their area once in a while. Therefore, part of the activities implemented under the ZOV project in Plovdiv aim at overcoming this segregated way of life. Through visiting cultural events such as theatres, puppet show, opera and concerts, staged not only in the Roma neighborhood but also outside its borders, Roma parents and their children are expected to gradually overcome the constraints imposed by life in ethnically encapsulated environment.   

Within the framework of the ZOV programme, a celebration of the International Day of Roma People has been organized on the 8th of April at the building of Nayden Gerov primary school. The students performed in front of their parents, teachers, people from the neighborhood and the media. For the locals the event has become a true celebration of their Roma identity.  

A total of 170 children and parents participated in the empowerment initiatives such as the puppet theatre show and the celebration of the International Roma Day organized under the project.



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Баланс между училищните занимания и извънкласните форми


Първата половина на 2017 екипът в Шумен организира серия атрактивни извънкласни форми. 100 деца посетиха на театрални постановки и имаха незабравим ден в конезавода „Кабиюк“ край Шумен. 150 деца се насладиха на емоционално шоу за 1 юни – Ден на детето. Резултатът е много добър баланс между учебна и извънкласна дейност, спомагаща за обогатяване на познанията и формиране на социални умения у децата и учениците за общуване и поведение в среда, различна от ежедневната.

Над 500  души участваха Шумен и с. Ивански в отбелязването на 8 април, Гергьовден  и 24 май–Деня на славянската писменост и култура.

В събитията активно участваха медиаторите.

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Концерти, изложби и състезания насърчат децата от ромската общност


Районът по ЗОВ в Монтана отбеляза 8 април 2017 - Международния ден на ромите с пъстър концерт, в чиято програма бяха вплетени традиционни ромски и ориенталски танци, латино и брейк денс, детски и поп песни. На сцената се изявиха деца, подготвени в извънкласните форми по Програма ЗОВ. В рамките на честването в Драматичния театър в града бе организирана изложба на фотографии и рисунки на деца, които имат извънкласни занимания по ЗОВ.

Изпълнен с емоции бе и концертът на малчуганите от детска градина “Слънце” в с. Габровница за първа пролет.

В района редовно се организират спортни състезания, основно по футбол. През 2017 имаше и едно вкусно състезание: за най-вкусна баница в монтанските квартали „Огоста“ и „Кошарник“.

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SDC Regional Seminar on Roma Social Inclusion


In March 2018, the 4th SDC Regional Seminar on Roma Social Inclusion was organized in the town of Plovdiv, south Bulgaria. The seminar focused on the institutionalization approach applied in Bulgaria, which was assessed for its strengths and weaknesses regarding effectiveness, sustainability and transformation options.

The objectives of this seminar were:

  • to identify strengths and weaknesses of supporting Roma inclusion through governmental institutions and derive operational and policy recommendations;
  • to reflect on how SDC country offices /integrated Embassies are promoting social inclusion through their programmes and active policy dialogue
  • to take stock of the experiences, based on 5 years of exchange on inclusion in SDC programmes.

The ZOV programme served as the case and base for learning and sharing experiences on institutionalization – i.e. working with central authorities and local governments. Field visits were organized in Plovdiv, Kuklen, Sliven and Sofia. The insights from the fieldwork were shared and analyzed through a role play following the method of a forum where the participants from Romania and countries of Western Balkans, as well as Roma experts shared their best practices and related to the field visits. The findings and lessons were shared with Swiss Ambassadors in the region.

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